I’m Jordi Morera Ransanz, fifth generation baker from “L’Espiga D’or” bakery at Vilanova city. I was born in 1986 and not carried a bread under my arm. Growing up in a bakers family has its pros and cons, like everything in life. On the most important thing it’s about to learn the love for this job, and to understand that the bread it’s more than a simple product, the bread is a food. Furthermore, I spend every summer making croissants at the bakery… holy penitence!.

The walls form my family house have always breathed water and flour, specifically since 1888, when the first written document of the bakery, a record of a tax payment. In those days who held the reins in bakeries were women, that’s the reason why l’Espiga d’Or was known as “the Genoveva’s bakery”… Genevieve was my great great grandmother. A woman of strong character and personality as good boss who was, and still keep the books and notes outstanding orders, early last century. From that time to today bakery and bread have evolved exponentially, so that today we return to the essence of before.

Jordi Morera - Artisan Baker

My parents, Jordi and Rosa, in the 80s and 90s, in the growth of industrially Bread, were made strong by keeping bread quality regardless of quantity. Forgive me that in two lines I has jumped from 1888, with Genoveva and Josep in front of the Bakery, to the 90’s with Rosa and Jordi. Leaving through expositions, dictatorships, republics, civil wars, times of hardship, and above all very, very hungry. Toneta and Joan, my ggreat-grandparents. They suffered, just as my beloved grandparents Alberta and Joan, of which still keep some memory records sitting on stools ta the old antique bakery / shop.

I recently won awards for innovation, and believe that few people have done so little for innovation, as we know, like me. By that I do not mean to be an impostor, you must understand, is that in my understanding, innovate bakery is able to look into to the past, retrieve and understand the expertise of our former bakers, its processes and habits, learned based centuries of occupation and empirical science.

It was not until I finish college at age 22, I entered fully into the daily life of the bakery, and I must confess that from that times until today my vision of work has changed radically. Over time I went to fascinate me more and more of this healthy-art, and needing more and more hours in the workshop and less in the business office.

Jordi Morera - Artisan Baker

It’s time to tell you about my platonic love in this world of bread. Well, platonic not know if it’s the right word, because in 2012 I finished getting in it. I talking to about my wood fire oven. From the beginning I was so clear that I wanted to breath the same smell of burning wood that my young father had breathed, wanted to get back to business the familiar oven built during the Spanish Civil War. I always had the love and passion to do that but being afraid about the fact around if this wood fire oven would make the bread I wanted. The bread made in old vintage wood fire ovens has always dominated the baker’s. For that reason I spent about 3 years traveling all over Europe looking for the type of wood fire oven that guaranteed me the perfect fusion of stunning and aromatic cooking stove, and accuracy of a modern oven. As we say in Barcelona (using catalan language), ‘vaig donar la volta al món per tornar al Born!’. And this oven ‘idealized’ I had at home, and was of the same family that my grandparents. Even some molding, as the great iron gate of the mouth of the horn, are the original oven, this guy was built before the Spanish Civil War.

And here we are today, with one idea in mind: Make a the greatest bread I can, and even better food. To me, this ‘paradigm’ of bread, which started to pursue when I finished college i went full in the trade, is based on natural sourdough (leaven), long fermentations mild temperature and a genuine artisan bread making techniques, respecting the pillars of the ‘slow food’, such as proximity, sustainability and ecology.

My other passion besides making bread, it’s just talk about bread. That is why in 2011 we started the adventure of www.breadculture.com, as a meeting point website for lovers of good bread, and as a platform to communicate my passion around this food. Also in that year I started giving my first baking classes, and whether at workshops for home bakers, and also at professional schools such as ‘Andreu Llargués bakers school’ in Sabadell, or at the Innopan research center in Lleida. After each class as a professor I realised that I needed to continue my education. I can say I’m a teacher, but would take more than eternity to say that I’m a master baker.

Jordi Morera Baker